Screenplay: Buddy Cop, Prison Break Heist

Elevator Pitch: 48 Hours/Lethal Weapon meets Heat.

Huh? A buddy cop heist movie with a prison break.

Synopsis: Disgraced cop, Clinton Hughes, is sent to prison for shooting an unarmed prisoner in police custody. After a few early hostilities from the men he put away, he establishes himself as the alpha-dog and not to be fucked with.

Lawrence “Doughboy” Baker is respected in the underworld for his passion for baking cookies, but more impressive is his ability to break into any safe or security system. He’s never been linked to any robbery or heist, but is currently serving time for a phony drug charge cooked up by Hughes.

Hughes and Baker will have to work together to break out of prison and into X for criminal kingpin, Willis Dawson, who has kidnapped Hughes’ daughter and is holding her for ransom to get the Y from X.


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