Tool: A Wearable Umbrella

Elevator Pitch: A hands-free wearable umbrella

Product: Humans currently have only two hands and most of them believe that they will melt in the rain like the Wicked Witch of the West. Holding an umbrella, a briefcase, an expensive cellular toy and trying to find the change for the paella man is a multi-tasking cluster fuck that ends with a water-logged electronic, a damaged briefcase, wet clothes, a lost job because the briefcase contained important documents that are unrecoverable and a break-up because your romantic partner is wondering why you aren’t responding to your texts. But most importantly, NO PAELLA because the frustration level is too high and you are too embarrassed to deal with the paella guy who is laughing for your general ineptitude to buy a hands-free umbrella to deal with the torrential downpour that many are predicting will lead into the next Great Flood.

If this product was created in the late 70s/early 80s, we’d have a few decades of functional and aesthetic improvements that would result in a billion-dollar empire for the creator of such a wonderful tool. But alas, inventors who are visionary enough to craft a time machine to fix this omission are far and few in-between. So you have to go with this: a wearable harness that features a flexible arm for easy adjustment of the umbrella that helps keep you dry in hurricane/typhoon conditions. You get to keep your job and your girl-/boy-friend AND you get your paella! Everybody wins!

To keep it simple: name it the Third Arm and call it a day.

Who’s it for? Those that wish that there was some way that they could be outside playing basketball in the rain and not get wet.

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