Book: A Children’s Story

Elevator Pitch: Corrupt future generations by sneaking in subversive ideas into an innocuous children’s story

How? Write and illustrate a picture book for children. Really focus on making the story solid and appealing for children. 95% of the book should look and feel like just like any other children’s book. Parents, grandparents, friends might get this for your children with the intention of hooking your children on a life-long habit of enjoying books and realizing the wonderful opportunities afforded by a stimulated imagination.

Picture this: You might be reading your children a very innocent and average Winnie the Pooh story you picked up from a library book sale. This story is going fine with Winnie the Pooh, Piglet and Tigger too having a nice frolic in the woods, when–all of a sudden–Christopher Robbin emerges naked from behind a tree, covered in feces and blood, and proceeds to disembowel Winnie the Pooh and Piglet too while ranting about “ethnic cleanses”. He spares Tigger because the tiger shares his same views on race, women and sexual expression.

Another approach? Hire an artist and a writer to help you craft the story and include whatever subversive ideology you are trying to promote. You can be as overt or subtle as your idea requires. Subtlety will sneak your book behind the discerning eyes of censors and people who screen their children’s reading material but at the risk of your message being lost if it is too well-hidden. Conversely, being too obvious will get your message across from unsuspecting guardians who are reading the book with their kids for the first time, but risk halting your budding movement before it really takes off.

What else you got? Do research on popular children’s books and regions where early literacy is a public topic. Recreate some of the top-selling books with your agenda placed in the back third of the book, send several pallets of copies to a local warehouse fulfillment center, promote your book through prominent neighborhood influencers, wait several decades until your legion is ready to follow your guidance.

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